Advice For Air Duct Cleaning In Denver Colorado

Information on different air duct cleaning methods
Power Vacuum/Air Sweep method:
Average equipment value being used to perform an air duct cleaning: $50,000.00-$150,000.00 worth of machinery and equipment

According to NAIMA this method of cleaning is the most thorough form of cleaning a ventilation or HVAC system to deliver the lowest particulate count exiting an HVAC system. Actual air studies by a reputable international organization, such as NAIMA has conclusively proven that this in fact occurs in a ventilation system, which of coarse should be a no-brainer because if particulate matter was merely stuck to the sidewalls of ductwork and did not in fact circulate, then mechanical engineers would have never invented a furnace filter. How many HVAC service technicians have instructed you to never use a furnace filter? Probably, not too many, right? That is because it has been known for several decades that dirt, dust and debris will always circulate in a forced air ventilation system…

Why Clean Your Air Ducts In Highlands Ranch Colorado

Benefits that HVAC system cleaning may provide: Increased Efficiency=Lower Energy Costs. (For example, a clogged evaporator coil causes air conditioners to run 20% less efficiently on average versus a clean evaporator coil according to ASHRAE Did this dirt just magically appear, or did the furnace apparently pull this dirt through the filter and over time an inevitable build up occurred? More than likely furnace filters are rated to catch a percentage of contamination to a particular micron size and the remaining percentage of contamination is blown to the inside of the evaporator coil by the furnace blower. This would make it conclusive that dirt does in fact move around in a forced air ventilation system. If dirt did not move around in a ventilation system, then there would be no need to maintain a furnace filter. Most, if not all professionally licensed HVAC companies and or contractors will always recommend that you maintain a furnace filter, which is in place to …

Solving Air Flow Problems In Your Home

Basic things that the homeowner can check to help air flow:

First and foremost, check your furnace filter to see if it is dirty and if so, remove the dirty filter and install a new furnace filter. Plugged furnace filters restrict air flow by creating a pressure drop. Next, walk around your house to see if any cold air returns have anything such as couches, rugs or cabinets obstructing the vent. If anything is obstructing the vent, then remove these obstructions so that the cold air return, which is an air intake, can draw in enough air. Last, but not least, walk around your home to check to see if all supply registers (heat vents that blows out air) are open. All supply registers should be open. A popular homeowner misconception, is that by shutting off certain vents throughout the house will cause other vents to blow harder. This simply is not true, because CFM (a measurement of air flow, cubic feet per minute) is determined by the pipes diameter and only so much CFM can ever blow ou…

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